Transformation of Glass 


BIZALCLIT®, assigns the traditional double glass consisting in two or more glasses, separated by a chamber of air, or other dehydrated gas (Árgon or Kripton) improving the isolation.

The separation between glasses is obtained by an aluminum profile, in whose interior the dehydratant is introduced (salts). The set remains fixed by gluing with either: silica, polysufuric, polyurethane, throughout all the perimeter.

This double glass offers an approximately two times superior Thermal Isolation than the one provided by a simple glass. This product, with its low coefficient of thermal transmission, guarantees the reduction of noises and is a good thermal insulator, diminishing the losses of heat, qhen compared with a simple glass (monolithic).

Its applications are quite vast in the construction, having as main advantages: 

• Transparency
• Thermal and acoustic comfort
• Energy saving
• Safety
• Ambient control


BIZDUR® is a security glass, that is obtained through the warming of the glass at 700ºC and after submiting it to a sudden cooling (state of hardeness), with spurts of air direccioned to all the surface, which provokes an increase of its resistance to mechanical tensions, besides improving its thermal conditions. In rupture case, the glass breaks up in small bits limiting the risk of accident by cut.

It is a glass that is submitted to a thermal treatment "state of hardeness", and because of that, considerably increases (5 to 8 times) its resistance to the Flexion, mechanical and thermal shocks without modifying the espectrophotometrics properties of the base product.

In this process, the glass parts must have its definitive form before entering in the oven,  since after tempering, one will no longer be able to work on it (cut,polish the edges, perforate). After the state of hardeness any of these operations will provoke its rupture, causing it to break in small fragments.

Transforming Double Glass

Transforming Tempered Glass

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