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O The BIZDUR® is a safety glass, which is obtained through the heating of the glass at 700 ºC and then the sudden cooling (state of hardness), with jets of air direccioned to all the surface, this causes an increase of the resistance to the mecanic tensions, and also improves the thermic conditions.

In this process, the glass parts must have its definitive form before entering in the oven, because after tempering, one can’t no longer work in them (to cut, to polish the edges, to perforate). After the state of hardeness any of these operations will provoke the rupture of the glass, breaking it in small fragments.

In case of rupture, the glass is fragmented in litle pieces limiting the risk of accident by cut.

It is a glass that is submitted to a thermal treatment "state of hardeness", wich considerably increases (5 to 8 times) its resistance to the flexion, mechanical and thermal shocks without modifying the espectrophotometric properties of the product.

Tempering glass BIZDUR is inspeccioned since the arrival of the raw material until the end item, obeying norm 12150. This rigorous .

The “BIZDUR” tempered products offers:


Higher resistance to the thermal shock - with 6 mm of thickness, a tempered glass resists the thermal shocks of until 600ºC, while the common glasses do not support variations of temperature above of 60ºC;


Higher mechanic resistance to the compression - a tempered glass of 6 mm of thickness, measuring 0,30 x 1,0 m, supports an axial load of up to 0,1 ton;


Higher mechanic resistance to flexion – they have a flexion resistance 6 times higher then the common glass;


Higher mechanic resistance to impact – a glass with 6 mm of thickness supports the impact of a sphere of steal of 1 Kg, falling from an high of 2 meters. The common glasses don’t support the impact of that same sphere when falling from an high of 30 cm;

The BIZDUR applies in places of some risk for the integrity of human being, with the goal of minimizing eventual glass breaks. These products are verified in:

• Doors
• Showing windows
• Shelves
• Showers enclosures

• Glass for double glass
• Tables
• Dividing glasses
• etc.

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