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Bizália begined in 13 of June of 1920, instituted by the Captain António Ferreira de  Sousa and other  hareholders, situated in the center of the Port, in the Rua de Passos Manuel and with an area of
1500 m² - one of the biggest on plants to the transformation of the glass, with the system most advanced of the time.

Bizália, until the 80's, passed for diverse phases of management and, from 1981, the Vidraria Passos Manuel, Ltd. was established by 4 partners, remaining like that until the year of 1983. In that time few
investments were carried out, thus being difficult to compete in the portuguese internal market, in the sectors of the construction and the furniture.

Before this scene there was cession of quota of 3 of the 4 partners, remaining only Mr. Fernando Neves. He had the initiative of renewing the Vidraria Passos Manuel, investing in sophisticated equipment to answer to the requirements of our market, thus allowing a great expansion.

In 1990 the Vidraria Passos Manuel moved of installations, for Perafita (Matosinhos), with an area of 300 m². In 1993, it changes again of name and installations, placing itself in the Industrial Zone of the Varziela (Vila do Conde), having an area of 1200 m² and with the name of origin, Bizália, Lda.

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