Care of the Glass 


A large part of the problems related with spots in glasses is originated by involuntary aggressions that happen when the glass is being cleaned. It is important to know and to remember of that one cannot make the maintenance and cleaning of glasses in the same way used for tiles. For your safety, see the tips below:

Never use acid or alkaline products to clean glasses. Most of the products used to clean tiles can attack the surface. Ammonia, chlorine or sanitary water, present in the great majority of these products are extremely harmful for the glass.
Never use abrasive products (rough steel sandpaper, straw sponges, etc.) in any surface of the glass.
Initiate the cleaning of the glass with cloth to remove the dust deposited in its surface. After that, clean the glass with a soft and clean cloth, moisturized with warm water.
A clean and soft cloth moisturized in alcohol can also be used.

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